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Dec 3, 2011 11:00pm EST
near future. >>> jerry sandusky is answering questions again. tonight he's telling his side of the penn state sex abuse scandal and he's trying to clarify his previous answer about whether or not he's sexually attracted to young boys. >> these allegations are false. >> reporter: this weekend, jerry sandusky is speaking out. >> i didn't do those things. >> reporter: the embattled former penn state assistant coach facing 40 charges of child sexual abuse sat down with a new york times reporter. >> he's clearly trying to get his story out there. >> reporter: a part of that story, sandusky's explanation of what penn state officials knew about the allegations and what they did. tim curley, now facing perjury charges in the case, approached him with concerns but never went any further. >> he didn't take my keys, i still had my keys. >> okay. >> i still went in there and worked out. >> reporter: and sandusky said joe paterno never discussed the issue. >> i don't know that he didn't know. i know that he never said anything to me. >> he was still very loyal to coach paterno and very upset, t
Dec 12, 2011 11:00pm EST
police used pepper spray in addition to the grenades. >>> security will be tight tomorrow. jerry sandusky will go to court for the first time. he is said to be dreading what is ahead. he will be surrounded by family and friends while a number of young men detail the horrific abuses that allegedly took place. >> reporter: it's likely to be a dramatic confrontation in just a few hours. jerry sandusky will face the eight men who originally accused him of molesting them. this is a hearing to determine if there is enough evidence to move forward. prosecutors prom the testimonies will be explosives. for the first time jerry sandusky will hear exactly what his accusers have told prosecutors. he is charged with sex crimes against ten boys over a span of 15 years. taking the stand tuesday morning, the eight original young victims. >> young men who are resolute and who are going to come forward and tell a united story because the stories just are so strikingly similar over such a long period of time. >> reporter: they are expected to talk about meeting sandusky through the second mile youth program and
Dec 16, 2011 11:00pm EST
shoes he could see a reflection of jerry sandusky and the boy in the mirror in the shower. to make sure he saw what he thought he saw he looked over his shoulder into the shower and i believe that jerry was having intercourse with him. there was no screaming, protests or yelling. later he said i can't say 100% sure that is what was occurring. he turned back to his locker and slammed it shut and looked back and said that they stood five feet apart from each other and looked at him and he looked directly at them. he said that sandusky's face looked blank. mcqueary said when he met with the president and athletic director nine or ten days later he told them it was sexual intercourse over the line and there is no question in my mind that i conveyed to the them. i saw jerry with a boy in the shower and there was weird sexual acts going on in the shower. he testified the whole meeting lasted ten or 12 meetings. attorneys say they told the grand jury the truth as they knew it that mcqueary never gave them this description. >>> a judge ruled that both administrators will go on trial for pe
Dec 6, 2011 11:00pm EST
substantiate coach jerry sandusky's alleged victims are expected to testify at a preliminary hearing next week. the former assistant coach denies charges that he sexually abused eight children. >>> the decision to allow the displays to stay comes after a display of a skeleton in a santa claus suit was displayed yesterday. the board wants to preserve all displays. >>> the capital christmas tree is all lit up. the house speaker flipped on the lights with help from a second grader from california. then after 1:15 the tree went dark for 12 minutes before the lights came back on. aides suspect a bad circuit breaker. the 65 foot tree is on the west lawn of the capitol building. it has 3,000 ornaments and 10,000 l.e.d. lights. >>> coming up tonight, police are trying to find out when is passing out antisemetic fliers in neighborhoods in d.c. and north virginia. >>> "a 30 rock" actor kicked off a plane. >>> and how >>> some business owners in the district are concerned about whether things might get out of hand tomorrow during national day of action. it's part of the occupy movement and comes aft
Dec 8, 2011 11:00pm EST
jerry sandusky is free on bond tonight. this comes after he was arrested again yesterday on new child sex abuse charges. sandusky is on home confinement and must wear an electronic monitoring device. he's scheduled to appear in court on the first set of charges next tuesday. some the victims are expected to testify at that hearing. meanwhile sandusky's wife is speaking out publicly for the first time since the scandal broke. she issued a statement saying, quote, i am so sad anyone would make such a terrible accusation which is absolutely untrue. we don't know why these young men have made these false accusations but we want everyone to know they are untrue. >> coming up on the broadcast tonight, a search for two passengers who took a cab driver on a wild and unexpected ride. >> a massive fire at a maryland airport leaves more than a dozen pilots without their wings. >> and home coming for two marines back home from afghanistan. >> it's a chilly night out there tonight. it going to get a lot colder as [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices... in more ways tha
Nov 30, 2011 11:00pm EST
coach jerry sandusky more than 100 times. penn state is trying to head off other possible trouble. it bought website names under the triple x domain. the move is an attempt to block the adult entertainment industry from using penn state's name. >>> coming up a story about horse slaughter houses returning to the u.s. why animal rights groups are upset about that. >>> also ahead a look at a tunnel under the border in which agents found $65 million worth of dope. >>> a great white shark spotted off the coast of north carolina. wait until you hear the story of the guy who took this video. >>> what's ahead is the coldest night we have seen in a couple of weeks out there. already 41 degrees. but the wind chill is something to talk about. t[ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable and enjoying it less and less? upgrade to verizon fios and get tv, internet and phone for our best price online -- just $79.99 a month for two years with a 2 year agreement. this holiday deal is only for a limited time. so don't wait. get fios at this great price. act now and we'll add a special bon
Dec 13, 2011 11:00pm EST
the shooting that killed deriek crouse. >>> former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky won't have to return to court until march. no plea deal has been reached tonight but the defense says that prosecutors promise not to raise bail and to quickly share any discovery information. the alleged victims will now have more time to prepare their testimony for trial. but some were frustrated with the late decision. sandusky himself spoke outside the court about today's developments. >> to put together the best possible defense that we can do. to stay the course to fight for four quarters. we'll have the opportunity to present our side. >> sandusky is charged with 52 counts of sexual abuse with 10 boys over a 12 year span. >>> two former ball boys have filed defamation lawsuits against jim bayheim. they assert that bernie fine molested them when they were younger. they hope their lawsuit will encourage others to come forward. no criminal charges have been filed because the statute of limitations has expired. >>> donald trump is still considering a run for the white house himself. trum
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7